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An orange electric scooter

Typical electric scooter, becoming popular in Hong Kong: it’s not known which make or model started the deadly fire. (Photo by Markus Spiske on

A short circuit in an electric scooter may have started a deadly apartment fire which killed an 7-year-old boy on Friday night, according to police.

Firefighters battled the fire at Oriole House, Sha Kok Estate, Sha Tin, but could not save the boy, who was rushed unconscious to Prince of Wales Hospital and pronounced dead.

A police source said there was a problem with the wires of the scooter, and it was not thought to be plugged in or charging at the time the blaze started.

Authorities have no more information on the make or model of the scooter at this time.

According to police, around 100 people were evacuated from the building until the blaze was quenched. The boy’s 48-year-old father was taken unconscious to the hospital, and a 41-year-old neighbour suffering smoking inhalation were also both rushed to the hospital.

The cause of the young boy’s death will be determined by autopsy – police say there are no suspicious circumstances.

(updated 2 March to correct age of the boy and add further police information)

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