Law and Enforcement


Police say they have opened a case into lawmaker Kwok Wai-keung, who was seen driving while taking part in a LegCo Housing Committee meeting.

Kwok’s antics were broadcast through the LegCo Webcast system, complete with simultaneous English and Putonghua translation, as he quizzed housing officials on public housing delays during the online meeting on Thursday last week. Kwok’s “LegCo wall” background was constantly interrupted with car elements manifesting through the software background, including his seatbelt and swinging rearview mirror ornament. The lawmaker also appeared distracted, looking around and turning his head frequently.

The Federation of Trade Unions lawmaker admitted on Facebook he had been driving, claiming he had later found a safe place to park. Kwok himself says he went to the police station to make a report, and, in a Facebook post, apologised for his actions.

Police say a case has been created and they will follow up.

As well as being a lawmaker and an elected District Councillor, Kwok was also recently appointed a non-executive director of the Urban Renewal Authority, and is a board member of the Housing Authority.

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