The driver and his passenger were rescued by a fire crew

A taxi driver hit a concrete barrier and lost control of his cab this morning, overturning the vehicle and injuring himself and his passenger.

Driver Mr Tai, 67, was driving along Harcourt Road westbound with a male Filipino passenger, 45, at 6:20am when he reportedly struck the central reservation, ploughed into a traffic sign and flipped the cab onto its side.

Tai and his passenger were trapped in the vehicle but freed by fire crews and taken to Queen Mary Hospital conscious.

Tai suffered neck injuries and his passenger suffered an injured hand.

Separately, a drunk Brit stole a taxi from a rank on Lyndhurst Terrace on Saturday night, driving it to Wan Chai before abandoning it. Police caught up with the thief and arrested him on four charges including taking conveyance without authority, drunk-driving, driving without a license and driving without third-party insurance.

The taxi was unscathed.

1,056 taxi passengers and 2,099 taxi drivers were injured or killed in 2019.

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