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A 72-year-old woman died after being crushed under a minibus on a zebra crossing in Wong Tai Sin yesterday (photo: hkheadline)

Two women died crossing roads yesterday in two unrelated minibus crashes, with both drivers arrested for dangerous driving causing death.

In Ngau Tau Kok, a woman was dragged for over 200 metres as the minibus driver appeared unaware he had struck her (photo: Apple Daily)

In the morning rush hour, a red minibus knocked down 73-year-old Ms Wong who was crossing the road outside On Kay Court. The bus reportedly dragged her over 200 metres down to Ngau Tau Kok Road, with driver Mr Tang, 62, apparently unaware he had struck the victim. Medics rushed Wong to United Christian Hospital unconscious and with multiple injuries – she died half an hour later. Police arrested Tang at the scene.

And in Wong Tai Sin, at 5.54pm, 72-year-old Ms Ao-ieong was crushed by a green minibus driver as she crossed a zebra crossing opposite Tai Shing Street Market. Ao-ieong was trapped under the minibus – emergency crews rescued her and rushed her to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, unconscious, where she also died about half an hour later. Police arrested the 79-year-old driver, Mr Chow, at the scene. Photos from local media show Ao-ieong was likely on the zebra crossing when she was struck.

There were 681 deaths or injuries involving minibuses last year, according to Transport Department figures. Pedestrians 60 and over make up 50% of pedestrians killed or seriously injured on the roads, and 30% of their accidents are fatal, compared to 22% for all ages.

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