The new data platform addresses the “Bridges to Nowhere” highlighted in March

The new initiative brings together data from five different departments

Data previously scattered across five different government departments is now accessible through a “one-stop” platform launched by the government today, in a bid to simplify and improve public access to urban planning and roadworks information.

A government spokesman says the new platform draws on data from Transport, Highways, Civil Engineering and Development, Lands, and Planning, helping citizens access the latest information such as planning, gazetted documents, progress, nearby land planning and specific uses.

The initiative follows the Ombudsman’s direct investigation report and recommendations on the issue of “Bridges to Nowhere”, reported by Transit Jam in March this year.

Ombudsman Winnie Chu said in March the government should set up such a portal. “Traffic infrastructure is closely related to our daily life. To enhance transparency of information, the Government should consider setting up an integrated information platform to facilitate public enquiry of the latest information and status of the various major road works proposed for different districts, so that the public can better understand the planning and progress of the proposed road works,” she said.

Before the launch of the integrated platform, concerned citizens would quickly become lost in a swamp of circular references, missing documents and broken links, or find the only way to view a map of works under development would be to visit a District Office to view hard copies.

The platform can be found at www.td.gov.hk/en/transport_in_hong_kong/integrated_info_platform/index.html.

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