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What does a City2Trail entry look like? Here’s one to give you an idea (more coming later)

  • Main points: Keep it simple: a start point, the trail it connects to, a map or description and a few photos if you have them. Email and earn a pair of great hikiung.running socks AND the chance to win one of two $1000 Gone Running vouchers!

Sample 1: Festival Walk to MacLehose

Start from Festival Walk, out through Cornwall Street Park and up to Cornwall Street, turn right, cross onto Beacon Hill Road OR out Kowloon Tong Exit G, walk up Kent Road, cross Cornwall Street and go up Beacon Hill Road.

Near the top of Beacon Hill Road (a dead end) there’s an opening to a culvert, make your way up that, past the little waterfall to a winding path. That takes you up to Lung Chung Road. Cross using the bridge, onto Lung Kui Road. 

Lung Kui takes you all the way up to the MacLehose, or there’s a number of hill routes up to MacLehose to explore. 

Suggestion for improvement: the link from Cornwall Street to Lung Chung Road could be way-finded from Kowloon Tong as it’s a handy and fun shortcut. The link between Lung Kui Road and MacLehose is not signposted anywhere.