A bike kept in the window bay of a Hong Kong high-riseHow much for a resident to park a bicycle in the voluminous four-storey car park of a major Hong Kong residential building? At Euston Court, managed by Urban Group, it’s a staggering HK$20,440 (US$2,620) per month, about three times the cost of renting a long-term car parking space. Bicycles are not welcome, long term. Obvious solution: rent a car parking space (should one become available, which is once every Chinese zodiac cycle) and stick a bicycle rack in it for 10 bikes. BUT even should one become available, such shenanigans are verboten, according to officials. Car parking spaces are for cars only.

This obviously isn’t just a problem limited to Euston Court or Urban Group. The government itself does nothing to foster bike parking (and hence cycling as a mode of transport), even while it’s offering older buildings such as Euston Court a total of HK$2 billion in subsidies to provide another 60,000 EV parking spaces… and planning standards can require as many as one parking space per apartment, plus guest parking, without a single mention of a bicycle anywhere in the blueprints.

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