A small white robot sits in an MTR train carriage. It is cuboid in shape with a slit like a photocopier output tray in the middle. It cleans the carriages by spraying bleach.

Resistance is futile: VHP Robot can spray atomised bleach into the tiniest crevices

MTR will deployed 20 “Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide Robots”, at a cost of around HK$1m each, to clean its trains with atomised bleach during the coronavirus outbreak.

The VHP Robot can conduct deep cleaning without harming humans, either working automatically according to uploaded train floorplans or controlled by a mobile app from 20 metres away.

A robot takes around half a day to clean an eight-car train on automatic mode – MTR says in special situations “such as a passenger vomiting on train” staff can deploy the robots for regular cleaning with diluted bleach water.

The robots were recently deployed to clean the entire Mong Kok East station back-office after a staff member was diagnosed with Covid-19.

Hong Kong firm Avalon Biomedical (Management) Ltd developed the robots, as well as a new production line for PM2.5-blocking nanofibre masks for use by MTR staff. The mask production will start later this year.

Avalon is chaired by leading oncologist Manson Fok.


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