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A white van which smashed through railings after breaking a woman's hand on Caine Road in Hong Kong

The white van, which was travelling illegally westbound along Caine Road, smashed through railings 38m away from the pedestrian crossing (photo: @HKBigLychee)

Police have summonsed a pedestrian who was struck by a speeding seven-seater driving illegally along Caine Road in February, while giving the scofflaw driver who hit her only a HK$450 fixed penalty ticket for driving in restricted zone.

The 28-year old woman, who suffered a broken hand in the crash, was summonsed for “disobeying traffic signals”, an offence that carries a fine of up to HK$2,000.

“Initial investigation revealed the 28-year-old female pedestrian did not follow the traffic signal when crossing the road,” police say, “while the private car drove to the restricted zone without permit.”

A white van stuck in railings after striking a young woman and breaking her hand

The van was travelling at around 60 kph, based on its stopping distance (photo: @HKBigLychee)

The accident happened on 18th February, when the woman started to cross a pedestrian crossing on Caine Road against the lights, say police. The van, which was estimated to have been travelling at around 60 kph, based on its stopping distance, was travelling west along Caine Road, a carriageway closed to private cars during working days. The 37-year-old driver of the van swerved to avoid the woman but struck her hand, breaking it, and then lost control, smashing through railings on the other side of the road some 38 metres away.

Police say investigations are continuing.

There were 20,218 casualties on Hong Kong’s roads in 2019, an average of 55 per day. 10,746 pedestrians were charged with traffic offences over the year, according to police.

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