On the Roads


Lam Kam Road in Hong Kong

The van collided with the minibus here on Lam Kam Road; the driver was not obviously hurt in the collision but died less than an hour later in hospital (photo: Google)

Rescue crews pulled an unconscious van driver with no visible injuries from his light goods vehicle after a slight collision with a minibus near Tai Po this morning, but he could not be saved.

According to police, the van was travelling behind a minibus, driven by 71-year-old Mr Chan, along Lam Kam Road towards Tai Po at 6:43am. As the two vehicles approached Lam Tseun San Tseun, they collided. The van driver, 64-year-old Mr Ha, was found with no superficial injuries, but unconscious. Medics rushed Ha to Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital, where he was declared dead less than an hour later.

Investigation by the Special Investigation Team of Traffic, New Territories North is underway, and witnesses are encouraged to call investigating officers on 3661 3800 or 3661 3858.

There were 1,392 accidents involving light goods vehicles in 2019, seven of them fatal.

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