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A smashed up Volkswagen Gold Sportsvan on a footpath outside Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal A driver abandoned this 230 hp Golf Sportsvan on the pavement after smashing through railings outside the Court of Final Appeal – police say alcohol was likely involved
Bent railings after a car careened over them and onto the pavement The car careened into these railings, flying over them before coming to rest on the pavement

Police are hunting for the owner of a 230 hp Golf Sportsvan which was found smashed up and abandoned on a footpath outside the Court of Final Appeal this morning.

The car appeared to have crashed over safety railing posts on Des Voeux Road Central before coming to a rest on the pavement near the Court of Final Appeal tram stop.

Police say there was no driver found at the scene – they are searching the car for further clues. Two printed parking tickets were found on the inside dash.

A police source says the most common cause of abandoning a vehicle after a crash is drink driving. “Of course, sometimes it’s stolen or been used for crime such as drug trafficking but mostly it’s drink driving if it’s night time or early morning,” said the source.

The source said the driver will likely face charges of at least “failing to stop and report” after damaging government property.













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