Transit Jam’s 2020 Forum, Rethinking “Vehicles First” will run on 17 September: here’s a teaser question to get the conversation moving ahead of the event.

There’s 675,264 car parking spaces in Hong Kong, occupying 844 hectares: a space which, if laid out flat, would take up most of downtown Hong Kong Island and a large chunk of Kowloon.

If private car advocates are successful with their proposed increase in the parking ratio to 2006 levels – 1.5 spaces for every vehicle, then the total parking space required, including for trucks and coaches, would be 1,400 hectares – equivalent to adding the rest of Kowloon peninsula to the space above.

Which raises the question: does Hong Kong have a land supply problem? Or a car problem?

Join the conversation at our annual forum, Rethinking “Vehicles First”, an interactive online event kindly supported by Buro Happold.

Register at and we’ll see you on 17 September, 3-5pm, Hong Kong!

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