On the Roads


A 33-year-old rider lost his life on this stretch of Repulse Bay Road yesterday afternoon (photo: Google)

A rider died after colliding with a private car and a truck on Repulse Bay Road late yesterday afternoon, the second motorbike death in two days.

According to police, the 33 year-old rider, Mr Lam, “dashed to the opposite lane” where he collided with a car driven by a Korean woman, 40, and a truck driven by a 61-year old man surnamed Leung. The crash happened around 11 Repulse Bay Road on a narrow stretch of road where overtaking is not permitted.

Lam was rushed to Ruttonjee Hospital unconscious and was certified dead at 5.09pm.

Investigation by the Special Investigation Team of the police’s Hong Kong Island Traffic unit is underway. Police urged anyone who witnessed the accident or has any information to offer to contact the investigating officers at 3660 6800 or 3660 6849.

Another rider, 43-year-old Mr Yu, was killed a day earlier after smashing into a roadworks convoy on Lantau.

According to the Transport Department, there were 413 fatal or serious injuries involving motorcycles in 2019, with 386 of those the rider of the bike and 27 bike passengers.

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