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Taxi drivers passing a Covid-19 test can display a dated tag showing their test result

A new round of Covid-19 testing for taxi and minibus drivers is underway, offering a free test for drivers from now until 9 November.

Drivers can register at the government website (www.tgptest.gov.hk), and should self-collect their deep throat saliva specimen and return it to the temporary collection centre on the same day. The testing agency will deliver the specimens collected to the laboratory for testing.

Drivers will be notified by the Government of the negative test result by SMS through mobile phone, while cases with positive test results will be relayed to the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health for follow-up.

Taxi drivers can collect the “Anti-epidemic Tag for Taxi Drivers” from the relevant taxi trade organisations with the SMS indicating the negative test result and display the tag at a prominent position inside the taxi compartment to enable passengers’ checking.

The targeted testing scheme has covered around 26 sectors or professions, including driving instructors, tram employees, ferry workers, frontline hotel staff and market stall operators.

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