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A man died after a 21-year-old truck driver’s wing mirror knocked him unconscious on this crossing in Cheung Sha Wan last week

A man was killed after being struck on the head by the wing mirror of a fast-moving truck on a pedestrian crossing in Cheung Sha Wan last week.

Mr Wong, 61, was crossing the road at a crossing on King lai Path last Thursday morning (30 October) when truck driver Mr Hung, 21, drove so closely past him that the truck’s wing-mirror struck Wong’s head.

Police appeal for witnesses or information after the victim’s death

The accident happened around 7.14am. Emergency crews attending rushed Wong to Princess Margaret Hospital where he remained in a coma before succumbing to his injuries at around 5pm the same day.

No arrests were made, according to police.

Kwai Tsing District Councillor Steve Cheung Kwan-kiu says the crossing is a death-trap. “This zebra crossing has been criticised by many. Vehicles, including buses, are driven across the zebra crossing at high speed without stopping before the line,” he says.

“It is basically the most important pathway for the residents nearby, a lot of people use it during the rush hour, just as with this latest incident. Accidents have happened before, and complaints have been made to bus companies, but it seems no improvement has been achieved,” says Cheung.

There have been 79 road deaths in Hong Kong in the first nine months of the year. Last year, there were some 626 serious accidents in which vehicles struck pedestrians, more than 50 each month, according to Transport Department figures.

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