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Dashcam footage showed the driver did not slow before impact, despite the victim visible for many seconds before the crash

Police arrested a taxi driver for dangerous driving causing death after his taxi struck and killed a woman on Queensway yesterday evening.

A bloody mask is all that’s left of Ng on the scene after the taxi driver ploughed into her at speed

The fatal crash happened at 8.29pm, as Ms Ng, 76, crossed from the tram stop towards Lippo Building.  Emergency crews rushed Ng to Ruttonjee Hospital unconscious, where she was certified dead just 20 minutes after the crash.

Analysis of the dash-cam footage from Ma’s taxi shows Ma does not slow the taxi at all before the impact, despite Ng being visible in the road for five or six seconds. The arrested driver, Mr Ma, 67, is still being held by police this morning, police say.

Investigation by the Special Investigation Team of Traffic, Hong Kong Island is underway and anyone who witnessed the crash or has any information to offer is urged to contact the investigating officers on 3660 6848 or 3660 6814.

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