Video footage shows the moment a beer bottle was hurled through a bus window (source: jadebsch)

A bottle hurled at a bus in Wong Chuk Hang smashed through a window and showered the passenger deck with broken glass this afternoon, injuring at least one woman.

The attack came on the Causeway Bay-bound CityBus 72A at 12.10pm, near Yip Hong Street in Wong Chuk Hang. According to an eyewitness on the bus, a woman was struck by the flying glass and was bleeding.

The eyewitness says a strong smell of beer spread through the bus in the aftermath, indicating a beer bottle as the probable missile.

Police said no reports had been made.

Aside from a small spate of attacks during road-blocking protests in 2019, bus vandalism is rare in Hong Kong. In 2018 police arrested a man for booby-trapping bus seats with sewing needles and toothpicks – the 30-year-old man told police he was angry at bus company KMB after buses failed to stop at his Tsing Yi bus stop.

Transport Department figures show that 182 bus passengers were seriously injured or killed in 2019, with a further 1,811 minor injuries to passengers recorded.

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