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33-year-old Mr Wong was flung over the car by the impact – the driver kept on going, claiming later she needed to use the toilet

Police have arrested a woman after she smashed into a man on a bicycle in Sheung Shui last night and then sped off, returning to the scene some 15 minutes later to face the music.

Ms Yeung, 63, ploughed into a man on a bike and fled the scene, returning 15 minutes later

Ms Yeung, 63, ploughed into Mr Wong, 33, who was on a bicycle crossing San Wan Road, on a red pedestrian light, from the cycle track. Wong sustained serious head and leg injuries and was taken to North District hospital.

According to a dashcam video of the crash, Yeung barely stopped after hitting Wong, slowing down before speeding off along San Wan Road.

The dashcam driver can be heard honking his horn and giving chase to the woman, urging her to return to the crash site. She reportedly said she had the right to drive through the green light and had done nothing wrong. She later returned and told police she had needed to use the toilet, which was why she drove off.

Police say Yeung has been arrested for failing to report a traffic accident, failing to stop after a traffic accident and also for dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm. She has been released on bail and must report back to police in mid-February.

The scene is a known blackspot for people using bicycles. Two people riding bicycles were killed in the same location just a month apart in 2015, one hit by a bus and one by a truck,

*Updated 18.30 with police details on arrest*

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