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The young van driver tried to stop a woman leaving the scene of an accident. A police wagon sailed by during the drama, apparently unaware of the fight unfolding

Police have arrested a woman who tried to mow down a man whose van she’d struck earlier as he attempted to stop her fleeing an accident scene. The woman, 34 year-old Ms Wong, crashed into 23-year-old Mr Cheung’s van in Yuen Long at around 8:30pm last night and tried to drive off. Cheung lay across the front of her car after a heated argument but the woman drove into him and swung around to make an escape. Cheung clung to the front of woman’s car for several hundred metres before falling aside – the young man was hospitalised with injuries to his stomach and hands.

Moments after attempting to shake off Cheung, Wong crashed into the back of a minibus, flipping her car, and made an escape on foot.

Police later tracked the vehicle owner, Mr Liu, and issued him a ticket for not licensing his car. Officers caught up with the driver, Wong, at around 9pm this evening and arrested her for driving an unlicensed vehicle, attempted wounding, failure to report an accident and leaving the scene of an accident.

Netizens noted a police wagon cruising past the initial accident scene moments before Wong’s attempted wounding of Cheung. The wagon passed by by without slowing, apparently not noticing the drama unfolding on the street.

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