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An anonymous bidder broke Hong Kong’s vanity plate purchase record yesterday, with a HK$26 million (US$3.4m) bid for “W”.

The previous record was HK$18.1 million for “28” in February 2016.

The highest paid for a single letter plate was HK$13 million in 2017, for “V”.

Sunday’s auction raised a total of HK$39,177,000, which is donated to the Lotteries Fund and will be spent on welfare projects.

Transit Jam has applied to Transport Department to reveal the identity of the buyer.

Last month, the Secretary for Transport and Housing Frank Chan Fan said the government hoped to “slow down the growth in the number of private cars by increasing the first registration tax for private cars and vehicle license fees.”

Under Chan’s plan, the annual vehicle licensing fee for a 5.2L Lamborghini HuracΓ‘n went up from HK$12,777 to HK$14,694, a HK$1,917 increase.

Vehicle Registration Mark Date of Auction Price (HK$)
W 7 Mar 2021 23,000,000
28 21 Feb 2016 18,100,000
18 23 Feb 2008 16,500,000
V 12 Feb 2017 13,000,000
9 19 Mar 1994 13,000,000
2 27 Feb 1993 9,500,000
VV 25 Feb 2018 9,300,000
16 20 Feb 2011 8,500,000
13 28 Feb 2010 7,400,000
12 20 Feb 2005 7,100,000
26 28 Feb 2010 7,000,000
29 23 Feb 2008 7,000,000

(source: Transport Department)

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