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The driver of the black Mercedes lost control and rammed the white car, which crushed the petrol station attendant to death

A 52-year-old woman working at a petrol station in Tim Sum lost a three-day fight for her life yesterday, succumbing to injuries following a car crash which saw her crushed between a car and a concrete pillar.

The force of the impact from the car crushed Ms Tung, 52 – she died three days later in hospital

On 7 March, at about 11am, Mr Yu, 28, was driving a high-performance black Mercedes towards the petrol station on Tai Po Road when he reportedly lost control, ramming into a white Toyota minivan that was entering the petrol station. The minivan was then shunted forward and crushed the female attendant, Ms Tung, trapping her between the car and the pillar.

Tung was rushed to Prince of Wales hospital with severe injuries and in a coma, but died yesterday at 1.30pm.

Police had arrested Yu for dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm at the scene. The driver is now out on bail and must report back to police at the end of the month, where he may now face charges of dangerous driving causing death.

There were 1,198 injuries and deaths on Hong Kong’s roads in January 2021, the latest month for which data is available.

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