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The motorcyclist was rushed to Tuen Mun Hospital and is said to be conscious (photos: Facebook)

A man on a motorcycle was rammed by the driver of a car on Tin Ying Road near Tin Shui Wai Hospital this morning, the impact shunting him into a bus and smashing him to the ground in a field of debris.

According to police, who say full details are not yet known, a driver in an unidentified private car struck the man, knocking him into the bus. Another private car was also involved, police say, but its driver took off after the crash. A brand new silver Lexus was seen damaged at the scene but police say they do not yet know whether it was the instigator of the crash.

Wreckage from the man’s smashed motorcycle was strewn along 20 metres of the highway.

Police say the man is now at Tuen Mun Hospital and conscious.

There were 3,003 crashes involving motorcycles in 2020, up 12% on 2019 and almost a third on 2016, according to Transport Department figures.

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