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Police investigate after a man ran down and killed his friend in a warehouse car park last night

The godown car park where a man died after being hit by a reversing car

Police arrested a man for drunk driving and dangerous driving causing death after he reportedly reversed into his friend, inflicting fatal head wounds.

According to police, car driver Mr Law, 39, struck Mr Tsang, 27, while reversing in a warehouse car park in Man Kam To Road at around 1am this morning (28 March). Law then fled the scene, while Tsang, 27, was rushed to Prince of Wales Hospital unconscious. Tsang died at 2.30am.

Law later returned to the scene where he failed an alcohol breath test and was arrested. Police say their investigation will continue.

There were 2,409 road crashes with injuries in the first two months of 2021, sixteen of them fatal.

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