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The $1m SUV rammed the back of a red taxi – the cab driver never regained consciousness and died several hours later in hospital

Police arrested the driver of a $1m SUV in Sai Kung this morning after he reportedly rammed into a taxi in Sai Kung in a crash which proved fatal to the cab driver.

Driver Mr Lam, 60, was at the wheel of the 577 hp Mercedes G-Wagen at 11:05am when, approaching Wong Chuk Wan, he collided with the back of a red taxi driven by Mr Chan, 74.

Chan was knocked unconscious in the crash, although according to police he suffered no external injuries. Ambulance crews rushed Chan to Prince of Wales Hospital, where he died around 2pm.

Police say Lam was arrested for dangerous driving causing death.

In 2019, 2,099 taxi drivers suffered injuries at the wheel, one of them fatal, while 1,056 taxi passengers were injured, two of them fatally. Figures for 2020 are not yet available.






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