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The original picture of the tram, left, against the vehicle apparently spotted on Hong Kong’s streets by Global Times reporters. “For the first time in history, the Communist Party is promoted on a public transport vehicle out in the open” says the caption

A senior reporter for Global Times said the bus had been seen on the streets of Hong Kong

A picture of a promotional “bus” bedecked in red for the 100th anniversary of the China Communist Party (CCP) was found to be a fake, after netizens revealed the true picture behind a Global Times social post.

According to a Twitter post by Global Times senior reporter Chen Qingqing, the “bus” had been seen on the streets of Hong Kong for the first time.

“A bus in red with banners to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of #CPC is now seen at HongKong streets, which is rare scene as for a long time,” Chen wrote. “[L]ocal residents in HK have few channels to know more about the CPC. It might be time to change.”

But sharp-eyed transport experts pointed out the bus was in fact a tram – and other netizens on Facebook showed a picture of the original tram, in an identical setting with identical passengers, wearing a different advertising wrap.

Chen later corrected her “bus” comment, saying “right. A Tram” but had no comment regarding the faked picture.

The CCP celebrates its 100th anniversary next week, on 1 July 2021.

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  1. But there is a video on Twitter of the tram in full 100 red regalia moving along, so there is such a tram in existence.
    This photo and photoshop story just middies the waters, and people loose credibility
    This just shows how everyone needs to research a bit on anything you find on the Internet.
    Something we can do in Hong Kong, at the moment.
    Never argue with someone on the mainland, they are ignorant.
    Ignorant because they don’t have access to the rest of the worlds media to judge stories for themselves

    • Yes, thanks and you are right about credibility, I messed up a bit on this one. I did actually see such a tram myself the next day. Not our best story…. still don’t know why GT used the photoshopped one, probably a mockup from the advertising agency. I thought best just to leave it alone rather than update. Cheers, James

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