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A broken walking stick and glasses belonging to the victim lay where he was first hit by the taxi

An 84-year-old man has died after being dragged more than 400 metres by a taxi driver who police say was unaware he had run the pedestrian over. The victim, Mr Ng, was knocked down outside 97 Robinson Road at around 10.30 this morning, his broken walking stick, glasses and umbrella, still open, lying at the scene.

Police assess the taxi after arresting the driver for dangerous driving causing death

The man was dragged 0.4km through a busy residential neighbourhood

According to police, who were themselves incredulous at the incident, the taxi driver, Mr Kwong, 64, continued driving west, past the fork with Park Road, all the way to 84 Robinson Road, until he realised something was amiss.

“Unbelievable, right?” said one officer at the scene.

Two fire trucks and an ambulance sped to the scene, hindered for several minutes by the illegal blocking of a “Keep Clear” road segment by a driver accessing 4 Park Road, and rushed the unconscious victim to Queen Mary Hospital.

Ng was declared dead at 11.40am, just an hour after emergency services were first called.

Police arrested the driver for dangerous driving causing death. Investigations continue and the taxi will be impounded, police say.

A former resident of the area said there were many crashes on that stretch of road. “There is no crossing to get to the bus stop opposite, it’s so bad. The taxi drivers especially would speed up even when people trying to cross over,” they said on a Facebook post.

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