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A scooter jammed underneat a white BMW following a fatal crash earlier today in Hong Kong

The car shunted the scooter around 20 or 30 metres after the impact

Police arrested a BMW driver this afternoon after a fatal roundabout crash involving a 40-year-old woman on a scooter.

Chen’s blood-soaked mask and helmet remained on the scene

According to police, Ms Chen, 40, was riding the black scooter around the Tsuen Tsing Interchange roundabout at 1:45pm when she collided with the private car, driven by Mr Ho, 62.

Police say Chen was shifting from the inner lane of the roundabout towards the outer lane at the Texaco Road exit, while Ho was already in the outer lane when the collision happened.

Chen was crushed and run over by the car, while the BMW continued for some 10-15 metres with the bike jammed underneath its chassis before coming to a complete stop. The victim’s blood-soaked mask and helmet lay in pools of blood at the scene.

Emergency crews rushed Chen to Yan Chai Hospital where she was declared dead 45 minutes later.

13 motorcyclists died and 498 were severely injured in 2020, accounting for almost a quarter of all serious or fatal road crashes in the city.

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