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Police are investigating after online footage showed a Lexus driver lurching along a Tseung Kwan O cycle track with no regard to the safety of cyclists or pedestrians in the area.

The video, from the Junk Bay Facebook group, shows the Lexus driving down the green track, causing confusion and alarm amongst track users.

A woman with a small child is hesitant whether to cross the track or not in front of the car – the driver then appears stumped when confronted with two yellow bollards, and exits the cycle track on the pedestrian crossing.

Many netizens expressed anger at the incident, which police now say they are following up. Residents posted pictures of the same car, licence plate XK5739, in a number of other dangerous or illegal positions, including parked in a local bus stop and parked on a pavement.

Residents told Transit Jam they’d never seen a car on a cycle track before but that cycle-track abuse was common. “I’ve certainly not seen anything quite so brazen before, but you do get some abuse,” says one. “Runners creeping into cycle lanes, people riding bikes on pavements. Generally utterly unnecessary,” he says.

Another says cars generally respect the bike lanes. “But many pedestrians do not. In Hang Hau you have constant reminders plastered everywhere from the police asking people to not walk on the bike lanes and still some selfish and ignorant individuals will do so.”


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