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Mourners and pedestrians say prayers for the victims in Tai Po tonight

A four-year-old boy caught in the Tai Po taxi crash on Sunday was still in critical condition in hospital at 11pm tonight, while three other victims  – a man and two women – are said to be stable.

A sign offers free counselling to citizens affected by the tragedy

A 59-year-old man died at the scene of the crash on Kwong Fuk Road while another victim, a 63-year-old woman, died the following morning in Tuen Mun Hospital.

The 63-year-old taxi driver has been charged with dangerous driving causing death and is being held at the custodial ward of Prince of Wales Hospital after complaining of feeling unwell.

Some news reports claim police are now preparing a manslaughter charge against the driver, given the second death.

One woman made dozens of paper cranes and paper flowers to honour the two people killed in the crash

Many people were leaving flowers and offerings at the scene this evening. One woman said she came from Kwun Tong, and had prepared hundreds of folded flowers, paper cranes, banknotes and folded “gold” to burn. A group of three young men lit incense sticks and said prayers at the site, while another woman dropped a small bunch of white flowers on the growing pile without ceremony.

A small sign pasted on the crossing post offers free counselling sessions with registered counsellors for those affected by the tragedy.

Tai Po residents were praised online for their quick thinking and heroic actions helping survivors in the immediate aftermath of the crash. About a dozen bystanders were seen lifting the taxi to help free a pregnant lady trapped underneath. That lady is now one of the “stable” victims with good chances of recovery.

A woman burns paper money for the dead at the memorial site on Kwong Fuk Road


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