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The location of the deadly crash last night. Inset: the aftermath of a similar crash in Tuen Mun several weeks ago, in which a bus driver died

A van driver died last night after his van rammed into a broken down truck on Yuen Long Highway.

43-year-old Mr Chung was driving northbound at 8.19pm when he slammed into a larger truck which was, according to police, suspected of having broken down. Chung was rushed to Pok Oi Hospital, unconscious and severely injured, and died at 10.39pm.

Police say no arrests have been made.

Hong Kong has recently seen a rise in such deaths.

A few weeks ago a bus driver died after smashing into a stalled truck on Tuen Mun Road, while a similar deadly crash happened at the Western Harbour Crossing in 2019.

In that crash, in which a bus driver died and 16 passemgers were injured, a driver told newspapers he’d sounded the alert on the broken down truck 15 minutes earlier, claiming he could hardly see the truck’s hazard lights over the deployed tail lift.


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