The contest will see designers face some steep challenges: awkward pedestrian links, rocky hillside and paths originally designed for maintenance workers

Professional architects and planners are invited to enter a design competition which aims to “collect innovative design ideas and concepts” for a “Green Link” connecting Wong Chuk Hang MTR and Aberdeen Country Park.

The contest, led by the Development Bureau’s Invigorating Island South Initiative, challenges designers to look at five key mobility bottlenecks between the industrial district and the countryside trails, including restrictive and unattractive pedestrian areas, dated sitting out areas, steep maintenance steps and rocky hillsides. Designers will need to come up with new ideas for sitting out areas and pedestrian facilities, as well as figuring out ways to help people up the steep slopes.

“While Aberdeen Country Park is close to Wong Chuk Hang, there is no direct connection allowing easy access to this scenic recreational outlet,” says a contest flyer.

Only qualified architects, landscape architects and urban designers may register, although professionals can form teams with any other members of the public aged 18 or over.

Registration opens today until 22 October, with the deadline for entry submission as noon on 20 November. More details, including photos and detailed digital maps, can be found at the project website.

Five government bodies – Development Bureau, Highways Department, Leisure and Cultural Services, Civil Engineering and Development Department and Architectural Services Department – are involved in the project, along with four institutions – the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects, Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design and Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

The project will connect an urban industrial district with the green trails around Aberdeen Reservoir


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