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The devices seized this weekend include two scooters and an electric monowheel (photo: police)

Operation Goldensun, the long-running police campaign against e-mobility and cycling offences, gathered pace this weekend, dishing out 152 tickets to cyclists and arresting three people in Sheung Shui and Tin Shui Wai for riding e-mobility devices.

Police targeted cyclists as well as e-mobility users as part of the Goldensun operation

Police said they arrested three people, aged between 27 and 44, for the full slate of four e-mobility charges: riding without vehicle registration, insurance, licence or helmet. Two of the riders were riding e-scooters and one was on an electric monowheel, with all machines confiscated by police.

As part of Goldensun, the force reiterated its commitment to stamp out e-mobility in Hong Kong, claiming the machines “can cause fatal traffic accidents”.

Cyclists, meanwhile, were targeted for not having the correct lights or bells, riding on pavements, riding the wrong way on the carriageway or for riding whilst using phones.

Separately, a police operation against cyclists in Tai Po ticketed 46 riders for various offences, such as “riding a bicycle on a footpath with no obvious need”.

“The police attach great importance to road safety and will continue to take relevant enforcement actions to protect the safety of other road users,” said a police statement.

The last few weeks have seen dozens of arrests and confiscations, mostly of e-bikes and e-cargo bikes – the latest involved a food delivery rider arrested in Tseung Kwan O over the weekend, while six bikes were seized as part of another Goldensun operation in early September.


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