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The overland route into Water World and its soon-to-be-opened hotel is a traffic bottleneck, and as yet there’s no sea access – District Councillor Paul Zimmerman says he has pressed for marine access since the plans for the park began

Traffic police towed four cars from Shum Wan Road during the first week of the water park opening

Police again warned motorists not to drive to the new Water World theme park after ticketing 240 cars and towing four vehicles in the first few days of the $4 billion attraction’s public opening.

The force says illegal parking on Shum Wan Road will not be tolerated, urging park visitors to use public transport and the park shuttle bus, which runs from the Ocean Park bus station.

Shum Wan Road is the only road leading to the newly named Ocean Drive, a private segment of Shum Wan Road repurposed for a hotel development and the theme park entrance.

Illegal parking is a longstanding problem in the immediate area, with parents and drivers blocking the road and pavements around Victoria Shanghai Academy and Canadian International School twice daily.

Police have said the opening of the water park will exacerbate the issue, and that they will now adopt a “zero tolerance” approach to cars blocking Sum Wan Road or Nam Long Shan Road.

District Councillor Paul Zimmerman, vice-chair of the Southern District Council, says many are disappointed not to see marine access to the park, which lies just a few hundred metres from the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter.

“We have asked for marine access ever since the plans for Water World were first discussed,” he says. “Since then the ball has been kicked back and forth between Ocean Park and government.”

Zimmerman says the “request was simple”, with proposals for the Water World experience to start at Ap Lei Chau’s MTR station, Lei Tung. “From there it is a short walk to the Aberdeen harbour where guests can get on a ferry to Water World and return at the end of the day,” he says.

One proposed route connecting Water World with public transport, put forward by District Councillor Paul Zimmerman (Transit Jam representation of route)



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