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Three 8-year-old children were hospitalised this morning, with seven others injured, after two stampeding buffaloes caused panic and chaos in the Pui O rush hour.

One girl, 8, was knocked unconscious by one of the buffaloes, while the other two hospitalised children were injured in the ensuing escape: one with chest injuries and another with injured hands and face.

The girl with stomach injuries regained consciousness and was sent to North Lantau Hospital for treatment.

A young girl was knocked unconscious by a running buffalo in Pui O this morning

Seven other children, four boys and three girls aged 8 to 9, were also  injured but refused hospital treatment. One of those had been directly hit by a buffalo but the others were injured in their escape.

Dashcam footage shows two of the large animals darting onto the road, crossing the road and then trotting along the pedestrian pavement. Car drivers did not stop as the animals crossed in front of them.

One Lantau resident said the buffaloes were part of life in the area.

“I always pity the cows and buffalo because they are often blamed as a nuisance but it’s us that intruded into their space and us who don’t adequately meet their needs of space,” they said.

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