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A modified Alphard driven by a 21-year-old on a probationary licence rammed into taxi in Pat Heung this morning, killing the cabbie

A drunk driver driving on a probationary licence lost control of his seven-seater this morning in a high-speed head-on collision with a taxi, killing the retired police officer driving the cab and smashing wreckage onto the footpath.

21-year-old Mr Kwok was driving eastbound along Kam Tin Road at high speed, according to dashcam videos seen online. On a curve approaching Wing Lung Wai, Kwok appeared to lose control of the speeding van, crossing into oncoming traffic and smashing into the green taxi driven by Mr Tang, 57.

Tang was crushed and trapped in the wreckage. He was rushed to Pok Oi hospital and declared dead just over an hour after the crash.

Police arrested Kwok for drunk driving, and have said they don’t rule out further charges.

Kwok and his 26-year-old female passenger are recovering from the crash in Tuen Mun Hospital.





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  1. I feel like ‘losing control’ is one of those phrases used in mainstream news media to absolve drivers from their responsibility to operate their vehicle safely. One might say, he didn’t lose control, he gave it up voluntarily by getting into his Alphard even though there was alcohol in his bloodstream.
    If I were to practice moves with my Katana sword on a busy sidewalk and ended up slitting slitting some throats, then nobody would argue I had lost control of the sword. No, the whole thing was irresponsible to begin with.

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