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Police nabbed 26 devices including an e-mobility aid (right)

Police arrested 26 e-mobility users and ticketed a further 98 cyclists in Shatin, Ma On Shan and Lantau this week in an extensive operation to eradicate electric mobility devices.

Under the on-going “Goldensun” campaign police took to the cycle paths and pavements across three districts from 22 to 24 November, arresting those on e-mobility devices and ticketing cyclists deemed to have broken laws.

15 men and 11 women aged between 19 and 60 were arrested under the now-familiar slate of charges for such arrests: driving without a licence, driving an unregistered vehicle, driving without a helmet and driving without insurance. Some were also arrested for “driving on a pedestrian path without obvious need”.

Police seized all 26 devices concerned, including an electric-mobility tricycle, seven electric scooters, 15 electric bicycles and three electric monowheels.

The maximum penalty is $10,000 fine and imprisonment for 12 months, police say, urging citizens “not to test the law”.

“Electric movable tools are not suitable for common use with ordinary cars on the road, and are not suitable for use on sidewalks or cycling tracks,” said a police statement.

The bust is the biggest yet seen, and brings the number of e-mobility arrests since August to 52.

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