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The scene of a deadly crash in San Po Kong this evening, where a woman, 23, and man, 63, were killed and two other pedestrians injured

The young driver of a BMW M4 sports car was travelling “more than 75 kph” on a 50 kph road, says a senior investigating officer at the scene of a deadly crash this evening.

Superintendent Yip Kit-fai said two pedestrians died and two more were injured as a result of the driver “speeding”.

The driver, Mr Ng, 25, who has been arrested for dangerous driving causing death, reportedly lost control of the high-powered coupé on Tai Yau Street and rammed into the pavement railings before smashing into a shop’s shutters.

One woman, 23, was certified dead at the scene while another man, 63, died shortly afterwards in hospital. Another man, 28, was taken unconscious to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, while another pedestrian and the driver were slightly injured.

Police estimate the driver was travelling at more than 75 kph on the crowded road

“We will follow up on the driver and the driving manner,” said Yip, adding that government chemists would be on the scene to properly assess the driver’s speed and that around 24 metres of tyre marks had been found at the scene.

Walkability campaigners said the speed limit in the district was already too high. Tai Yau Street, a typical Wong Tai Sin street with residential and industrial buildings and ground floor shopfronts, is not suited to even a 50 kph speed limit, one said.

“These local streets should really be for local access at reduced speed commensurate with the safety risk, and we need to ensure that speed is kept low ie below 30 kph for all vehicles at all times,” they said, on condition of anonymity.

“Keeping traffic speed low in such local street does not cause inconvenience to the reasonable drivers, but is a strong indicator to all drivers how they should behave. Inappropriate speeds contribute to direct danger when a vehicle collides with pedestrians, and significantly increases other forms of collision due to loss of control (as in this case),” they said.

The expert pointed to a study conducted on pedestrian safety of the San Po Kong area, a report commissioned by Energizing Kowloon East and pointing out in 2019 the many “vehicle-pedestrian conflicts” on Tai Yau Street.

On the scene, Superintendent Yip said it was not appropriate to discuss speed limits at the scene and this could be up for further discussion.

Pools of blood and paramedic blankets and gloves litter the scene, with the damage to safety railings showing the force of the collision

The deadly crash came just minutes after another reported fatality in Yau Ma Tei where, according to a police source, a victim was dragged under a minibus for nearly 17 km, from Yau Ma Tei to Castle Peak Road-Sham Tseng. No other information is yet available on the case – police say they have not yet officially confirmed exactly where the victim was first struck.

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