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Police set up a camera to catch drivers putting pedestrians’ lives at risk

Police in Kowloon West have used video cameras to catch drivers failing to yield to pedestrians at a zebra crossing.

The new approach saw 24 drivers ticketed for “not letting pedestrians on the zebra crossing go first”.

“Police stressed that according to Regulation 31 of Chapter 374G of the Road Traffic (Traffic Control) Regulations, pedestrians on zebra crossings have priority and drivers must give way to pedestrians,” said a statement from the force.

Drivers ticketed face three demerit points; first offenders can also be fined up to $5,000 and imprisoned for three months. A second conviction could see the fine jacked up to $10,000 with six months in prison.

Abuse of the crossings is common, with Hong Kong dashcam channels showing daily near-misses.



Traffic police have adopted more video technology in the last year, using video cameras from vans to catch drivers illegally loading on double yellow lines or using mobile phones while driving. The Kowloon West zebra crossing operation is thought to be the first of its kind.

Police are also developing a new Traffic e-Enforcement System which they aim to deploy in 2023 and which they say will help combat illegal parking and “promote better driving attitude”.

The system will require a law change to allow fixed penalty notices to be issued electronically. Police will consult the Transport Panel on the proposals before the end of June and will submit an amendment bill to LegCo in the second half of the year.

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  1. However, many pedestrians and motorists do not understand the law. “On the zebra crossing” means just that; at least one foot on the crossing, NOT standing waiting to cross. I trust the police understand that too but doubt that given their own complete ignorance displayed when using roundabouts themselves….

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