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A 26-year-old motorcycle rider was killed on Clear Water Bay Road on Wednesday night after a car driver turning right swung into his path.

A group of riders await news of the victim

The unnamed rider was driving in a convoy of scooter and motorbike riders along Clear Water Bay Road at about 10.30pm near the Razor Hill Road junction when Mr Cheung, 62, turned into the road from the opposite carriageway.

The rider sustained severe head injuries and died in hospital shortly after the crash. A blood-filled helmet and dozens of scattered swabs were left at the scene, evidence of a desperate but ultimately unsuccessful fight to save the young man’s life.

Another rider, 47-year-old Mr Tong, had been travelling in convoy with the killed rider. Tong also sustained injuries in the crash, smashing into the wreckage, and was sent to hospital conscious.

Police arrested Cheung and released him on bail. He must report back to police in late March.

District Councillor and Clear Water Bay resident Paul Zimmerman says he’s had a near miss at this exact point and demands a full investigation. “There is a sightline issue for cars in the turning lane the signs, barriers and trees limit views of traffic which is coming uphill on a bend,” he says.

In a written response to an email from Zimmerman on the subject, Transport Department says it is “investigating the matter”.

In 2020, over half of motorcycle injuries and 70% of fatal motorcycle crashes involved another vehicle, according to the latest information available from Transport Department.

The car that struck the deceased rider. Airbags deployed and the driver was unhurt.

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