Hong Kong’s likely next Chief Executive has spoken on transport policy for the first time, saying he wishes to make “accessibility an easy thing for people in Hong Kong”

Lee’s comments came during a visit to Hong Kong Science and Technology Park on Saturday morning, where he visited ASTRI and the Robotics Catalysing Centre.

When asked how “smart city” worked with basic transport such as public transport and cycling, Lee said they were “two very important areas.”

“Where they can be merged they will be merged and where there will be different ways of doing that, then there will be different ways of doing that.”

“I think we do want to make accessibility an easy thing for people in Hong Kong,” he said, pointing out the city as a lot of “promenades” which could have better access.

Bicycles are banned throughout most of Hong Kong Science Park – users of folding bikes even complain they’ve been barred from carrying them into their offices

When Transit Jam pointed out bicycles were banned in Hong Kong Science Park, despite the “smart city” technologies being developed at the park, Lee appeared to understand the paradox.

“I take your point and I will examine how the accessibility of [bicycle] should be looked at,” he said.

This is the first time the former police chief has addressed transport issues since announcing his Chief Executive bid on 6 April. The small-circle election, with Lee as the only candidate and 1,462 Election Committee voters choosing the city’s next local leader, will take place on 8 May.

Lee’s media consultant Fanny Wong told Transit Jam Lee has been “working day and night” to complete his manifesto, which, she says should be ready by the end of the month.


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