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The scene of a deadly sewage truck crash in Yuen Long yesterday morning

Police are investigating a fatal traffic crash in Yuen Long yesterday morning which claimed the life of a 75-year-old pedestrian.

Victim Mr Chan was crossing the road at the junction of Tai Kei Leng Road and Tai Shu Ha Road East at around 9:40am when he was struck by a sewage truck driven by Mr Ng, 69.

Chan was fatally wounded and died 40 minutes later in hospital, having not regained consciousness.

The crash left a blood-stained pavement, with Chan’s belongings strewn in the road.

Police arrested the driver for dangerous driving causing death.

Chan’s death comes just hours after another pedestrian was killed in Sai Wan Ho. In that crash, on late Friday afternoon, a car mounted the pavement after crashing through a minibus sign. A police source said the driver had stepped on the wrong pedal.

Asked about the two tragic incidents at an event this morning, Hong Kong’s sole Chief Executive candidate John Lee said road safety was “an important area”, but that all road users, including pedestrians, needed to play their part.

“What is important is citizen awareness of their own behaviour,” he said.

“So it is also important that people know the rules and regulations, the proper behaviour in crossing roads collectively. Then then I think the road safety will be in a very good position.”

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