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Two of 66 cyclists summonsed on allegations of traffic crimes

People riding bikes were the target of the regular Yuen Long police “traffic day” this quarter, with 66 cyclists summonsed over the three day operation and “about 238 relevant leaflets” distributed.

Taking place from 12-14 June, officers say they mainly aimed at “cyclists’ violations such as non-compliance with traffic lights or traffic signs, cyclists, reckless or careless cyclists, and cyclists on pavement”.

“Police take road safety very seriously and will continue to take relevant enforcement actions,” said a case brief.

There were 1,893 casualties on Yuen Long’s roads in 2020, the latest year for which Transport Department provides detailed figures. Over a quarter of those involved a bicycle.

In 2021, the district saw three fatal bike crashes. One 60-year-old man was killed on the road adjacent to the cycle track after a collision with another cyclist. A 76-year-old-man was crushed by a cement truck at the break in the cycle track across Tong Yan San Tsuen Road. And a 67-year-old man died in unknown circumstances on a footpath beside a nullah.

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