Police have left a fatal crash site unattended, unprotected and uncleaned

Sticky pools of drying blood, bike wreckage and sharp-smelling rotting seafood still line the pedestrian steps outside Government House, 24 hours after a tragic motorcycle crash which killed 40-year-old motorcycle rider Mr Siu.

Siu was riding onto the westbound Upper Albert Road slip road from Garden Road yesterday lunchtime when he reportedly lost control of the bike. Freshly-gouged scratch marks on the crash barrier, along with dashcam footage of the crash, suggest Siu skirted the barriers around the sharp bend before smashing into one or more pedestrian railings on the pedestrian refuge steps.

That contact may have proved fatal, as it flung Siu and the contents of his bike down the pedestrian steps with some force, bending and cracking the rusted railings and destroying a signpost in the process.

Police say they are “investigating” the crash, but many parts of the motorcycle still litter the scene. Some parts, including a light, were flung up onto the Kennedy Road flyover and are still on that road.

Flies have gathered around the steps outside the residence of new Chief Executive John Lee, where police-contracted cleaners have failed to clean up most of the crash debris, food and blood.

Pedestrians headed up to the Hong Kong Botanical Gardens, many with young children, had no idea the site was a crash site and that the sticky red residue on the steps where their children scampered was the blood of a fatal crash victim.

Police tape had been torn down or blown away, with one strand unattached to anything littering the bottom of the steps.

Police did not respond to questions on who was responsible for protecting the scene of the crash or taking bike parts into evidence, or why the victim’s blood had not been properly cleaned up.

Police also did not respond to questions on the hygiene issues of pools of blood soaking into the concrete outside the Chief Executive’s residence.

American clean-up firm Biorecovery says it’s very important to assume “the worst-case scenario where crash blood is concerned.

“All it takes is for unknowing exposure to a deadly disease and your life is changed forever,” says the firm.

“Bloodborne pathogens are invisible to the naked eye but can cause extensive harm to anyone they come into contact with.”

One of hundreds of clams, Mr Siu’s last delivery, left to decay at the crash site

Fresh scratches on the crash barriers indicate Mr Siu may have contacted the barriers coming off Garden Road

Debris was flung up onto the Kennedy Road flyover – police left the broken parts on the road

This signpost was knocked down in the crash – police left it where it fell

Chief Executive John Lee’s new home entertained Chinese president Xi Jinping last week: the pedestrian paths outside were dirty, dangerous and poorly maintained even before a fatal crash yesterday left blood oozing down the steps.

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