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ATV star Sit Ying-yi tests an e-bike at Central Harbourfront – traffic detectives later arrested her for e-mobility offences

Police yesterday arrested ATV star Sit Ying-yi after finding online video of the actress riding an e-bike around Central harbourfront.

According to police statements, officers of the Task Force of the Enforcement and Control Team of Traffic Hong Kong Island were “patrolling the internet” when they found a video clip of Sit, 38, riding the custom e-bike around the harbourfront area.

Suspecting the bike to be an unregistered vehicle, cops mounted an “in-depth investigation” leading to the arrest of Sit in her Happy Valley home yesterday.

Sit was hit with the usual slate of four charges against e-mobility use: driving without a driver’s licence, driving an unlicensed vehicle, using a vehicle without insurance and riding without a protective helmet.

“The police will continue to step up law enforcement to crack down on related crimes,” warned a police statement.

The arrest is not Sit’s first: the Miss Asia Pageant 2021 hopeful was jailed for two weeks earlier this year after kicking a neighbour who complained about her habit of not wearing a mask.

For the e-mobility offences, the actress was released on bail and must report back to police in early October.

Over 50 e-mobility arrests were made in the last quarter of 2021, and while police do not have up-to-date figures for 2022, it seems the e-mobility crackdown has abated somewhat in recent months.

This could be related to a new Transport Department e-mobility trial running at Tolo Harbour, where e-mobility devices can be legally ridden on a stretch of cycle track.

Observers say the likely outcome of that trial is a limited legalising of certain e-mobility devices – low-powered e-bikes and e-scooters – but only for use on cycle tracks.

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  1. I wish the police would come to Tsim Sha Tsui/Hung Hom in the evening to manage the menace of black delivery e-bikes. The problem is compounded by riding with no lights, I nearly took one out tonight as he was riding the wrong way up a one way street.

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