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A man's bicycle lays trapped underneath a cement truck after a deadly crash which took the like of the 65-year-old cyclist

A man died after being dragged more than 10 metres under a cement truck on Castle Peak Road – Lam Tei today

Police have arrested a 65-year-old cement truck driver after he ran over and killed a 65-year-old man on a bicycle on Castle Peak Road – Lam Tei this afternoon.

Mr Yeung was driving the heavy concrete truck towards Siu Hong at 1:49pm when he ran over Mr Chow and dragged him and the bicycle under the truck for around 10 metres.

By the time Yeung stopped, Chow was badly wounded and trapped under the truck: he was rushed to Tuen Mun Hospital unconscious and pronounced dead around 35 minutes after the crash.

While the case is still under investigation, police said they condemned the “irresponsible driving behavior [sic]” of the driver. “Police do not tolerate such acts and will take resolute enforcement action,” they said in a statement.

The city has seen a spate of deadly and dangerous crashes involving cement trucks and construction tippers in recent months.

Another death caused by a cement truck driver just 10 days ago exposed poor conditions at China Concrete’s Yau Tong cement plants

Just 10 days ago, a driver was arrested at China Concrete’s cement plant in Yau Tong after his cement truck ran over and killed a pedestrian worker at the plant gate.

And in August, a 44-year-old China Construction dump truck driver killed a 68-year old woman in Kai Tak; another construction tipper severely injured a woman in Cheung Sha Wan later that same day.

Meanwhile September saw three pedestrian deaths – a 93 year-old woman, an 85-year-old man and a 65-year-old man – involving government-contracted garbage trucks.

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