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The hoardings surrounding the United Christian Hospital project were said to be “generally in compliance” with approved plans

Buildings Department has hit back at a Transit Jam story which claimed the government refused to answer questions on a shocking construction site smash, with the department saying it was not refusing to answer and it simply did not know there was a deadline for the story.

“It is very unfair to our department,” said a spokeswoman by phone this evening, requesting the story be updated to reflect a response finally emailed by the department at 7:50pm.

Transit Jam had yesterday questioned whether the hoarding at the front of the United Christian Hospital extension construction site was legal and within approved plans.

Four bus passengers, including a 10-year-old boy, were sent to hospital yesterday morning when a steel I-beam from the hoarding smashed into the top deck of a double-decker bus travelling along Hip Wo Street.

The statement from Buildings Department this evening said the hoarding was “found generally in compliance” with the accepted hoarding plans.

When asked what “generally in compliance” meant, what exceptions there were, and whether that meant the hoarding was safe for traffic, the spokeswoman requested an email with follow-up questions.

Buildings Department has not yet responded to follow-up questions.

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