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The driver slid the car into a lamppost, killing female passenger Ms Wan, 27

A female passenger in a private car was killed in the early hours this morning after the vehicle’s driver lost control on a bend in Clear Water Bay and smashed into a lamppost.

Driver Mr Wong, 27, was driving along Tai Au Mun Road at about 3:20am when he apparently attempted a high-speed manoeuvre around a bend near the Clear Water Bay.

Pictures and tyre marks from the scene show the car had been sliding in a four-wheel skid at an angle of around 30 degrees on a straight section between bends. Tyre tracks show the car then slamming straight into the lamppost.

Fire crews rescued both driver and passenger Ms Wan, 27. Wan was taken unconscious to Queen Elizabeth Hospital where she was pronounced dead at 5:14am. Driver Wong was taken to Tseung Kwan O Hospital, conscious and is stable.

Many residents have complained about the dangers of high-speed driving and racing in the area. One, designer Stan Diers, told RTHK show Wham Bam Tram! last year that his residents’ petition to police, delivered in 2020, had been ignored. “We haven’t seen much change, we still have races going on, the police are busy on something else or not really caring,” he told the show in December 2021, hours before another fatal crash on a nearby stretch of Clear Water Bay Road.

Resident groups have also been concerned about the rise of “drifting”, a sport where rear-wheel-drive cars are slid around bends and roundabouts in controlled four-wheeled skids.

The sport has become more mainstream in Hong Kong lately, with the West Kowloon Cultural Authority hosting a two-day professional drift show in the grounds of the Palace Museum and M+ last weekend. The event was supported by the government and the Automobile Association.

The Hong Kong Gymkhana Sports Association, which runs drift classes, stresses that drifting improves driving skills and road safety.

The government and West Kowloon Cultural Authority and the Automobile Association supported a professional drift show at West Kowloon last last weekend.

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  1. Fatality on roads are always grim news. This one was long coming as Tai Au Mun to Po Toi O section is particularly prone to dangerous driving by disrespectful and unlawful drivers mistaking public roads for racings grounds. It’s not the only place that suffer from these unfortunately. The police force is contacted on regular basis and so for years without much changes happening nor increase in safety measures and speed controls here. It’s been so long and the need for action is so obvious that the force inaction can only be motivated by something else than the concern for residents and road users safety. In an increasing police state one can wonder where is the police when we need them!

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