On the Roads


A two-tonne seven-seater Toyota driving illegally through a restricted zone crashed through safety railings on the busy Caine Road on the 18th February at 14:53. It is believed the driver lost control after swerving to avoid a jaywalking pedestrian on the pedestrian crossing. The nearside of the vehicle struck the pedestrian, who suffered a hand fracture and was admitted to hospital. The case is classed as a “serious injury” by police.

Twitter user @HKBigLychee shared pictures of the alarming wreck:

Dashcam footage of the incident will be reviewed by police for factors such as speed or jaywalking, while police may also be investigating why the vehicle was travelling along the restricted carriageway in the first place. That section of westbound Caine Road is open only to buses between 7am and 7pm weekdays, although chauffeur-driven seven-seaters are regularly seen flouting the rules.

A twisted set of safety railings lie proped up on a pedestrian sidewalk on Caine Road, after a van smashed through and ploughed into a shop

Damaged railings were left on the scene and remain still.

Safety railings along Caine Road were no match for the people carrier – and 36 hours later, the twisted and damaged railings were still uncleared, simply leaned up against the adjacent unscathed railings.

There were 18,042 casualties on Hong Kong’s roads in the first 11 months of 2019, an average of 54 per day.

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