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Footbridge over Fanling Highway on a blue sky day, where police believe a 25kg rock was thrown onto the highway

A 25kg rock was thrown from this footbridge onto the busy Fanling Highway, causing a taxi and two trucks to lose control and putting a taxi passenger in hospital (photo: Google)

A rock thrown from a bridge onto southbound Fanling Highway caused a potentially deadly smash in the early hours of February 29, according to police, with a taxi passenger taken to hospital with serious back injuries.

According to police, a rock weighing around 25kg had been thrown from a bridge at Kau Lung Hang. The plummeting boulder missed passing vehicles by only metres – yet a taxi and two trucks then each struck the rock on the highway, causing them to lose control.

The taxi, driven by a 67-year old male, smashed into concrete barriers, causing a 29-year old male passenger, Mr. Chiu, to be injured.

According to police, several similar cases have occurred along Tolo Highway and Fanling Highway in recent months, resulting in multiple traffic accidents. Tolo Highway was completely closed in mid-November 2019 when protestors from Chinese University threw petrol bombs, rocks and bricks at vehicles attempting to speed underneath their occupied footbridge.

Police took to Twitter and Facebook to condemn the act, and said they have classified the case as “Traffic Accident with Person Injury” and “Criminal Damage”, to be followed up by Tai Po District Investigation Team.

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