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The back of a police officer's head showing bandage and stream of blood where he was hit by a rock thrown from above The injured police officer was struck by a rock thrown from above as he wrote out a parking ticket in Tuen Mun.
A police van from above, where an officer was working and attacked by someone throwing a rock The officer was working on a road safety campaign in Tuen Mun when he was attacked from above.

A rock thrown from height hit a police officer on the head as he wrote out a parking ticket during a road safety operation in Tuen Mun last night.

The officer was ticketing a vehicle at Leung King Plaza, 31 Tin King Road in Tuen Mun, when the rock was thrown from a nearby staircase at 8:44pm.

The officer was taken, conscious, to hospital. “Initial investigation suggested someone had thrown a piece of rock from a height,” the police said on Facebook. “Such behaviour is extremely irresponsible, as the person hit could have received a life-changing injury or even been killed.”

Police are investigating: those with information about the case should call the Tuen Mun District Crime Squad on 3661 5740.

Earlier this month, a rock thrown from a Fanling Highway footbridge caused a three-car pile-up and put a taxi passenger in hospital.

A rock thrown at a police officer The rock fragment thrown at the traffic officer

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